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Linda Wachtel

Linda Wachtel is an Australian multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne.  Her photographic practice extends across genres, with a particular interest in both portraiture and the psychological space of constructed environments.

Her portrait work considers myriad contemporary issues, including the resettlement of refugees, domestic violence, infertility and people living with chronic illness.  She also continues to explore the realm of cultural institutions and our position within them. 


As a founding member of The Contemporary Collective (TCC), she believes it is important to provide a platform for artists to critically engage with issues of cultural significance.

Over the past decade, Linda has exhibited across Australia and internationally, most recently in Barcelona, and in PHOTO 2024 International Festival of Photography. She has been selected for numerous award exhibitions including The Alice Prize, The Blake Prize, The National Photographic Portrait Prize and the Josephine Ulrich and Win Schubert Photography Award. 
Her work is featured in a number public and private collections including The National Portrait Gallery and The City of Melbourne.

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