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As an independent group, TCC can provoke conversations around contemporary art practice.


We invite artists and the community at large to participate in art events designed to address topical issues.  By using exhibitions, forums and performances, in real and virtual spaces, TCC will facilitate powerful exchanges of ideas.

The seeds of TCC were sown a number of years ago when fate brought together three artists with a common interest in art, photography and the state of the world.

Hedy Ritterman explores the trauma of her extended family's wartime experiences through installations.  Her studio practice is conceptually driven by transforming memory; re-contextualisng historical objects and narratives into contemporary sensory language.

Linda Wachtel, a photographic artist, had been working with performance and video artist, Jane Korman, and photographing her parents, Auschwitz survivors Marysia and Adolek, drawing her into the world displaced refugees.

Shoshanna Jordan has a deep interest in concepts of migration, home and identity, and was immersed in a project photographing Holocaust survivors, directing her backwards and inwards to her family history and the emigration of her parents from Russia to Israel in 1949.

After many intense discussions, and a shared desire to confront issues of cultural  significance with an independent voice, TCC was born. 
The inaugural exhibition, We are Here, will be presented at The Glen Eira Council Gallery in May, 2016.
TCC is now proudly a registered entity with expertise in curating exhibitions and mounting events. There are a number of exciting projects in the pipeline. 
Please watch this space!
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