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"THE SOUP WOULD BE NONE THE WORSE FOR MORE MEAT " * اللحوم من المزيد أجل من أسوأ يكون لا سوف


Project details coming soon...

*Sudanese proverb.


This project celebrates cultural diversity in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.  Sixteen women from The Sudanese Women’s Group invited us into their homes and over time magical narratives unfolded around the challenges of immigration and the importance of food as a catalyst for cultural exchange. 

Linked by a common thread of displacement and resilience, the story of one refugee community helping another emerges. The Women’s Group was founded with the assistance of Stand Up, a Jewish social justice organisation, who initially asked us to document the project.

Muslim and Christian women met regularly with Jewish volunteers who helped them navigate a new and foreign culture.  The bond between the women and their mentors is deep.  

In a world where building bigger fences is sometimes a response to migration, it is our hope that this exhibition will create a greater understanding of Melbourne’s Sudanese community, one story at a time.

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