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Mir Zehnen Do, 2016

6 Photographs

Shoshanna Jordan​

6 million


6 chairs


6 images


And the light…



And the light and the light and the light…


This is how we begin again…



Acknowledge the past


Be honest


And then we choose to grow again

And the light is how we grow



The Holocaust has always been a looming shadow in my life. There are no photographs of my lost family, no faces to put names to. I started using empty chairs to portray them. I have used the chairs and doorways as a conceptual resonance, a way of reaching out and having a conversation about absence and presence, loss and future, shadow and light. The reflective light, for me, is the mirror of hope and resilience.



My Identity has been shaped by ever-present memory of the Holocaust and my adolescent migratory experience, coming to Australia from Israel. In my photographic practice, my experiences form the bases to inspire and create.




Shoshanna Jordan is a humanistic photographic artist. With an eye for the real and attention to the way we live. Jordan’s academic training in social work and fine art photography merge in a passionate artistic discourse of identity, home the migrant experience, cultural Diaspora and the inner life undergoing dementia.   


Jordan completed an M.A. in Fine Art Photography from RMIT University, School of Art, in 2008 with the widely acclaimed work A Reflection: Jewish Diaspora in Carlisle Street. 


Based in Melbourne, her work has been shown locally and internationally in the group shows; Taipei, 2011, My Australia, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and Israel, Rechovot Municipal Gallery, 2008, documenting members of Tzeva Bateva artists.  


Shoshanna Jordan is a founding member of the art collective, ‘The Contemporary Collective’ (TCC).  One of the goals of the TCC is to provide a platform for artists to critically engage with representation of cultural socio-political contemporary issues through art and actively converse. 

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